Question Replaced my graphics card, but didn't delete old drivers, so now i have a black screen.

Jul 7, 2021
I got the new RTX 3060, for my 3d modeling and for gaming. The previous card I was using was the RX 580 8GB, and I just wanted to replace it. However, when I powered it up, it just showed a black screen. I Googled a bit and saw that you had to delete the previous drivers before installing the new card (Dumb mistake, I know). So I took the RTX back out, booted into safe mode(I can still access the mobo graphics), and used DDU to delete the RX 580 drivers. However, it didn't work, still got a black screen. Can anybody help me. I can access the BIOS, cpu graphics through the mobo, and I can reset the CMOS if required.
Generally, even with completely wrong drivers new GPU should give you display. Worst case scenario, you should see BIOS screen and starting Windows screen before wrong driver is loaded and only after that point you could get black screen. If all you see is black screen then either you installed your new GPU incorrectly (all required power cables connected?), your PSU is not adequate (but RX580 also is power hungry card so I doubt it's the case here), or GPU is DOA.


Aug 8, 2012
When the 3060 was installed and you turned on your PC did the GPU power on? You would see the fans spin and most likely RGB lights of some kind. If nothing happens then it might be a dead GPU or bad PSU. If the GPU did power on try using a different output and see if you get a signal and try using different power connector from the PSU. I switched over from AMD to NVIDIA a while ago and ran into all kinda of issues. I think I ended up just reinstalling Windows and starting over.
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