Replaced ssd drive has very little space


Mar 14, 2012
i recently purchased a new ssd drive (with 256 gigs) to replace my old 50 gig ssd drive on my laptop. after trying to install the software on my ssd drive via backups, i gave up and cloned it using bytecc's hdd/ssd stand alone duplicator to clone my old drive onto my new one. however, now that the new drive is installed, there's only 50 gigs of memory showing. how do i fix that?
rolli59 is correct!
You cloned a 50 gig Dive = a 50 gig drive with the remaining space as unallocated.
When you go into disk management, what I would is expand the volume.
You can expand it to the full size, or expand it to say 150 Gigs, which would then leave the balance as unallocated and you could create a "simple" volume which would be "X" X = D-> what ever (You could for example shift your other drive letters around and make it Drive D, This may break some program links which are easily repaired).