Question Replacement 92mm fan for an OEM Dell PSU - suggestion/thoughts?

Ok, so, on Old Ironsides (see sig), I'm using a donated PSU - an OEM Dell 460W unit. However, the fan in the PSU was rattling, so I decided to get a replacement. It's a 92mm fan, with a tiny 2-wire connector that plugs into the PSU's board.

At first, an excess of caution made me think I should go for an exact replacement. An ADDA Corp AD-0912US-A70GL, which is a 2-wire, 12V, 0.30A fan.

Unfortunately, wherever I could find them, they were coming from China, and I decided that maybe I'd go for something that could be at least sourced in-country (US).

I went with a Zalman ZM-F2, figuring the size was the same, it was 12V with less power draw, and advertised to be quiet. I had to cut the wires and splice, as it, like many other fans, had a standard 3-wire connector.

It works. But, I have to admit, it doesn't seem like it pulls air with much force at all. I like that it's near silent, but I'm not all that confident in its ability to move air, particularly given that the case aslo has a small mesh filter for the PSU intake. I'm not entirely sure its actually running at its full speed, and, in hindsight, probably should've connected it to a MB header with its original connector so I'd have a point of reference.

I think I should probably get something a little better, but would like it to be:
  • relatively inexpensive
  • sourced from a supplier in the US
  • reasonably quiet
Any thoughts or suggestions? Or, am I being too paranoid about the fan I've got?
If you've got the 12V wired directly into 12V. It'll run at full speed. Doesn't matter where you plug it in. It'll be full speed regardless.

I'd suggest an Arctic F9 PWM fan. While I haven't used the F9 I do have a whole bunch of the F12 model. Even at full speed they aren't that loud. They move pretty good air with a decent static pressure. I had five of them pulling air through a Merv 12 hepa filter and they were able to keep a five GPU mining rig cool. I used them until I expanded to nine GPU and needed a lot more space and air flow through a hepa filter.

I've got two of the F12 in my gaming rig. They keep it cool under full load. I don't consider them loud. My GPU is much more noticeable.

Anyways I like the Arctic for their price and performance in a restricted environment. Most fans balk when they hit any resistance. I chose them after looking at a large scale test comparing them to many other fans. They were one of the best for a lower RPM fan. You had to move to much more expensive and noisy fans to beat them. I can only assume the F9 is good too.

I've linked the standard model. Since PWM is pointless in a PSU. Well unless you want to run the wires to the PWM header and have the speed fluctuate with the system fans. As this is a Dell. The motherboard headers may not be compatible with aftermarket fans. As they sometimes use a proprietary fan header.