Replacement for my Pegatron M2N78-LA


Jan 30, 2012
The Front Panel connector is different than the replacement MB ASUS P8Z68-V LE LGA. Is there an adapter, do I have to have a custom adapter made, or am I SOL, and have to pay the price of the OEM???
No. Many standard boards will permit you to use your hp or compaq case connector; you may have to leave part of the connector that has no wires hanging out away from the pins, using just the section that has wires going in. But you may need a new windows coa unless you've already upgraded.
Don't need to. The standard 9 pin connector is the same for nearly all boards; all the pins on the new board are low voltage; just be sure you're using the case cluster and not any of the usb pins. Try the case connector over the first two rows of pins, leaving the open section (without wires) not covering any pins. If you don't get any power or case leds working, move the case connector over to the next pins so it's covering 3 rows of pins and try again. You have plenty of room in back of the cluster to leave part of the case connector off the pins.