Replacement Motherboard Problems

Rasta Mon

Sep 26, 2007
I recently had a mishap with a wire connector bringing power to a potentiometer. The connector came loose and shorted causing a voltage regulator on my motherboard to blow.

I bought a cheap replacement because Im not interested in putting much money into this old rig, I just need it to last me about another year till my next build. I also took this opportunity to completely disassemble and clean all the fans and liquid cooling.

The motherboard I got is a cheap asus P5B-MX. I got everything back together. Got the liquid flowing, set up the bios, then the problems started. First it would post perfect then proceed but as soon as the windows loading screen came up I would get the blue screen. Same result everytime so I went online and got a bios update. Now it posts slower then it goes to black where it tells me to set boot priority (which is set correctly) or insert boot media. So I do, runs through loading then blue screen.

I fear hdd might have got damaged in the short. Need some help please.

Forgot to mention, in the bios for the 1st boot device it says "hard drive". Shouldnt it be a little more specific if it was picking one up.
If your motherboard does not have the same chipset as the old one you will most likely have to reinstall windows some times you get away with a repair.
1.Insert your windows cd select boot from cd rom in bios
2.Select install (not repair yet)
3.After loading the installation files windows will scan the HD and if it finds a previous windows installation it will ask if you want to repair it.


Jan 31, 2006

If the Repair doesn't work, do a clean install with a full format but backup your data first. You can always put the drive in another computer to do the backup. If the drive is partitioned and the data is on another partition, your data should be OK, just make sure you format the C partition


Mar 23, 2007
In my experience if its a different motherboard you should be doing a clean install. Most of the drivers and hardware would have changed thats why XP doesnt like it