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Sep 13, 2020

I had a Tagan 580 which went pop and now in need of replacement
Mobo is a Asus P6 SE I7 processor.
Also geforce 6800ti.

I need a 8 pin for mobo and 4 for Graphics card I can't find any PSU that says pin for graphics, most sat 6+2, or 4 +4 for mobo.

Can I use the 6+2 for mobo and use one of the 4+4 for card?
These are the current leads. Looking at this as replacement.

If your gpu is a 680, it has 2 6 pins, or 1 6+2 and 1 6 pin.
the 4+4 is called an 8 pin eps connector, it needs to be used ONLY FOR THE CPU.
if you put it in a gpu, it will fry it.

The gpu takes 6+2 pins, meaning, an 8 pin pci-e connector. the +2 sometimes isn't needed and just stay dangling, that's normal.

Neither do a 6800ti or a 680 ti exist FYI.

If you are talking about an old 6800 GT or 6800 ULTRA
that's a different story. those can have either the normal 6+2, or a 4 pin MOLEX connector.

If so, i'd suggest replacing that gpu since it's worth absolutly nothing, but if you wanna keep using it, any modern PSU will come with those connectors.

Edit: i accidentally wrote GPU, and not PSU in the last sentence.
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