Question Replacement socket not working and help diagnose.


Dec 21, 2013
So I had an Asus rog rampage vi apex x299 Mobo and socket pins were bent and it needed replacement and I purchased a socket on eBay from China and had it professionally replaced and it detects cpu fine but there is strange issue with ram slots, first I tested with 7900x cpu and ram in a1,b1 is not recognized in bios and when I used 10920x cpu only d1 slot ram is recognized and c1 shows serial number but size and speed not displayed and when I set xmp in bios I get memory error codes, at this point I am lost and not sure what is wrong, my question is even though it's the same socket I brought and when I compared to another working socket in rog rampage omega board they don't appear same and my question is that these sockets are designed specifically for a specific board or are they made in general, and since cpu is recognized and board boots and works with just ram in d1 slot how do I diagnose the memory slot, when I plugged in my Corsair rgb ram it lights up so I assume there is power going to the slots and voltages to those slots is displayed correctly in bios and so is the problem with the slots, socket or something else and how do I find out, all traces from ram to cpu look good with no evidence of damage when looked through magnifier, please help me find out the issue, thank you.