Question Replacing a coil whiney EVGA 750 bq for a gaming rig

Jul 21, 2021
Windows 10
MSI tomahawk max 2
Gtx gigabyte 970
Ryzen 5 3600
Corsair 16 gig ddr4 lpx
Isobar 2-6d surge protector

My rig is roughly 2ish months old. My EVGA 750 bq has excessive coil whine under GPU load. I've done research and found the bq series is a cheap end model and not good for a gaming rig. I don't feel comfortable using it anymore as a result.

My budget is 150 USD. Brand preference is EVGA or Corsair. I've consulted the psu tier list and the psu discussion thread but I feel like I can't find a good candidate on my own. I'm not the most tech-inclined, which is why I wound up with a subpar psu. I'm not confident in making a choice on my own.

My PC is usually under gaming load for 3-7 hours a day. I keep most of my settings a bit below recommended settings as I prefer stability and smoothness over pretty graphics. I'm looking for a psu that can reliably handle moderate to high gaming load with enough headroom to handle upgrades. I don't think I need more than 650-750 watts. Where I live is heavily prone to storms. A psu with good quality components and protection is also something I'm looking for. Any help or recommendations is appreciated.