Replacing Chipset Fan


Mar 22, 2009
Hello everyone. I'm brand new around here so I appologize right off the bat if I'm posting this question in the wrong area, but hopefully I do have it in the right place.

Anyhow, I have one of those notorious Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe and the chipset fan, of course, is dead. I have already ordered a replacement heatsink/fan from newegg because I wanted to get a nice one and one that I know will keep it cool because it's always hot in my room.

I ordered the Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II and already have the mobo removed and the fan removed. Of course there was the cushion that I removed and then there is still a bit of the old paste on there and it's a bit crusty.

So my first question is how do I remove all this safely? I obviously don't want to scratch it and I know they say you can use rubbing alcohol, just not sure if it'll remove it all and properly. Let me know your opinions on that.

My second question is...I obviously am going to put something between the chip and the heatsink. They do provide a paste or adhesive with the heatsink/fan but I have a preference for Arctic Silver, but I don't know if I can juse use regular Arctic Silver or if you have to use an adhesive? I don't really feel like having to order and wait for an adhesive to get here from Arctic Silver, so if I have to use the stock stuff I will, but if I can use standard Arctic Silver, let me know because I do have a tube of that.

Thanks everyone.


Try the rubbing alcohol and see what happens - you may have to use a bit of elbow grease.

If there's a physical mount for the fan (screws, clips, etc), then you don't need an adhesive. If there's nothing else to hold the fan in place, you will need an adhesive.