Question Replacing/Correcting User- & Group Policy for an entire Disk (Security etc.) ?


Jul 27, 2012

I have an old faithful 3.5" Drive that has been switched between several different systems hence now all the folders have different user/groups (and what level of security each one have) creating everyday headaches such as; if I open one folder I get prompted "you need to be administrator for this action, confirm" while the other folder is opened just fined. It also creates issues where a Bittorrent client can't write in certain folders, but can in others. You get the drift.

Could you, for a novice, step-by-step help me how I change the entire user/group security policy for (lets say) D: drive?
If this is a boot drive and you’ve cycled it through a bunch of different computers format and reinstall the operating system. Why are all those users on your system in the first place?? Format the drive

Anything anybody tells you to do otherwise it’s just going to wind up messing up your drive even more and it will get worse and worse and may lock yourself out of permissions
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