Question Replacing cpu

Mar 29, 2020
I have one problem. Well, I use lenovo G560 8GB RAM, Geforce 310M 512MB, CPU(i3-370M), i7-720QM
After replacing my old CPU (i3-370M), with i7-720QM some drivers stopped working like graphics driver and hot keys dont working as well as i want.
I can tell you that i7 is processor without build in GPU and its 45nm technology. When I want to turn on my laptop everything works good. I can use internet,etc.
CPU temperatures about 40 degrees. Its unlikly that my GPU is not visible in device manager as Geforce 310M but I can see (Standard graphics card VGA).
and sometimes i want to make my device asleep. I have to use key combination like (Fn+F1 ) but after this the screen is black and We can see flashing space sign in the left upper corner. I dont know what can I do. I have never seen problem like this.

Greetings :)
Well, the processors are different enough that you may not have proper bios support, hence the quirks:

However that being said, it could also be some driver messups. I would boot a linux live cd and see how it works on a couple of those. If you run into the same issues, I would lean towards a bios issue. Did you update to the newest bios before swapping? In this particular case, an older bios may have worked better since the i7 is an older processor and they may have removed some of the support for it in newer bios versions.