Question Replacing earpads on Superlux HD668B?


Feb 6, 2017
I recently got a pair of the HD668B because they were recommended to me and they were very cheap. I've never used headphones/headsets with my pc, I've always used my stereo USB powered speakers that are plugged into the rear 3.5mm jack on my motherboard, I play games and consume media with them.

I'm trying to adjust to these headphones to get the most out of them ie listening for footsteps, but the pads are pretty uncomfortable, my ears get hot quick and also get irritated, like an itch but not exactly.

I've seen people say to replace the pads and the headphones feel completely different and much more comfortable. I was thinking about getting the Cosmos Velour pads for the AKG K240.

Can anyone here attest to the difference of comfort and heat by switching the pads? Is it as big of a difference as people have been saying?


Well you are asking to confirm what people are saying by having some more people say it LOL

Then you would have to do another post to ask if what someone here said was valid, and so one.

Yes swapping pads makes a difference in comfort but it will also change how they sound, it's OK to go by what you already check on for those headphones. Going to pads with a fabric vs vinyl of leather pad will drop the bass a bit but should open the sound-stage a bit as well.

Going to even these low cost headphones should be a huge improvement in audio quality over usb powered speakers. Audio output, keyboard/mouse and the screen are one of the things you want to put money in for good quality, those are the only things that you actually interact with.