Replacing existing Win7 pc's on a domain with a new Win7 pc

Ray Southworth

May 30, 2014
So up front, I'm more of a hardware guy. I have a customer who wants to replace 3 older PC's with newer ones and they're the same OS (Win7). The customer has their users doc's and such on the server and not the individual PC. How do I backup whatever needs to be on the current PC's and convert to the new ones, then swap out so that they point to the same folders, printers, etc on the server?

I've searched but I assume my wording is wrong as all I can find is how to add and remove a pc from a domain, nothing in regards to saving the user profile, etc and importing to a new PC.

If any other info is needed, please advise

the user profile is created the first time a person uses its domain login.

the shares could be created via the user login scripts or group policies on the server if they are setup

printer drivers need to be reinstalled