Replacing fan on Enermax PSU


May 11, 2004
I have a Enermax Liberty 620W PSU Fan which uses the fan in the PSU,

It's slightly noisy and I am trying to get something else. I used a Scythe fan but the fan didn't even spin up!

I think as the Scythe wasnt a PWM fan, thats why the fan didnt spin up. I am thinking of getting a PWM fan such as the Arctic Cooling F12.

My question is , will it work?

Thanks :love:


Hmmm replacing a PSU fan is not that great an idea - PSU's can carry very dangerous voltages that at best might give you a shock, or worst case cause some severe damage.

If you really must swpa the fan please make sure the PPSU is not plugged into ANYTHING and has been left standing unpowered long enough to allow any charge to dissipate.

PWM fans usually have different plugs on the end if they dont match then chances are it wont work. Another to check is the voltage the fan requires to run.