Replacing graphics card & more on HP laptop


Jul 18, 2009
Hello again folks,

I have this laptop I bought in 2007 I believe. It's a HP pavilion dv2810us.

It has served me pretty well, especially during the first 2 years when I didn't have a desktop. Regardless it has seen plenty of use since then during travels, and even loaning it to people to use. However it is starting to feel dated and I'd like to upgrade some of the components perhaps.

Specifically I'd like to swap out it's graphics card which holds me back from some casual games I like to enjoy. Also I'd like to change the battery so that it read the right time. After two attempts of trying to break open this machine, I was left wanting.

Can anyone point me in the direction of how to dismantle this machine? I feel like I would be fairly competent in the mechanical procedure taking it apart, though I don't have the oversight to see how some pieces come apart, in what order, etc. I don't want to force anything and break it of course.

Anyone with any links about laptop deconstruction, video card suggestions, or even a suggestion as to where I could better post this petition for help?

Most Laptop graphic solutions are soldered on the MB. Very unlikely you can upgrade your existing laptop with new video.

Some good news "I'd like to change the battery so that it read the right time. " you can simply reset the battery gauge. Typically laptops need this if they are not fully charged then fully discharged every month or two. Your laptop may also come with a program to do this, my lenovo does.

Google on you tube to see disassembly video but it will not help you to replace video.

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