Replacing Mobo+RAM in a HP m7480n - Suggestions?


Jun 7, 2009
As i say in the title i am looking to replace a faulty Mobo/CPU set up inside an HP m7480n. Current board is a Asus P5LP-LE
with 2x1gb of PC2-4200 MB/sec.

I would like to keep all the other internals so i will need a board that has 1 IDE for the 2 dvd drives. it also has the external gpu (GeForce 7300LE)

but i could just as well get onboard graphics.

Now should i go for a AM2 to support the DDR2 ram or just cough up a little extra and go AM3 buying some cheap DDR3?

Now this isnt ment to be anything special its just ment to run windows and surf the web. So im not looking to spend much it doesnt have to be fancy.
Possibly want it to run win 7.
Im just lookin to save my friend a little cash by them not having to buy a whole new computer. Since the RAM,HDD,GPU,PSU, and Dvd Drives all work fine.

Any advice you can offer is appreciated.