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May 9, 2019
My faithful HP Pavilion dv6 is nearing the end of service. This has been hands down the best laptop (for some reason) that I have used in the past 10 years. I have used this in lieu of the company provided laptops from HP and Dell over the years. Now the CPU cooling is failing and it is getting old and worn in general. It still performs when I can get the cooling fan to operate and I've opened this up several times to clean the fan and piping. But now I'm afraid the fan itself is failing.

One topic I'd like to hear from you all on is the purchase of refurbished laptops. This HP dv6 was an after Christmas, Open Box display when I purchased it. But how do you all feel about refub units in general?

The 2 contenders I'm leaning towards are listed below with links. I'm not trying to be cheap but these appear to be decent deals. I mainly use my laptop for emails, Office apps, music and youtube, internet junk like surfing the latest rumors. I'll listen to your suggestions if I need to spend a little more or purchase a new item.




Well if you want it to last another ten years, you might want to buy something new. Late model Intel chips have increased the CPU core count. So mid-range parts are now quad cores (new i5 equivalent to older i7, and new i3 equivalent to older i5) Still closer to the $700 range.

Yours are decent choices for the use case. But perhaps a little planning ahead with 16GB of memory. Not much more and a generation newer on the CPU.

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