Replacing my old Mobo, FormFactor considerations


Nov 20, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I inherited a decent PC from my office, and it has the following mobo + processor combination:

Intel Pentium E5800 (dual core, 3.20 GHz)
Motherboard Intel DG41WV (micro-ATX FormFactor)

I really want to upgrade this setup without having to replace my case, which is already quite good. I'm not that familiar with formfactors and the like, since this will be the first time I'm buying and installing a MoBo.

I want to buy an i5 or i7 to replace my processor, and I know that I need a new motherboard for that (fortunately, my memory is ddr3, my graphics card is a 560 ti)

So what should I look out for when I look for which motherboard to buy as replacement? Something that would work with the new processor, but still fit my case? I'm really not looking for bells and whistles as far as Motherboards are concerned (although I want to avoid Intel Boards so I can keep the option of Overclocking open in the future).

Any advice?



Jul 8, 2011
Does it have a removable IO shield?
Does it have mount points for an ATX motherboard?
What kind of cooling do you want to use?
Will you be upgrading the PSU?
Will there be enough clearance for adding in a beefy video card?

Which case is it?