Replacing old monitor in grandpa's pc


Jan 5, 2013
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old xp/p4 machine
vga/integrated intel gma
max res:1024x768
currently on an old crt,

:na: what should I look for If I wanna replace it with a new tft lcd panel???
The monitor has a VGA port, for some reson they call it D-SUB on spec sheets.

I cant be unless you can provide a specific CPU that the system is using. But you would have to go quite a ways back before you can find any graphics that couldnt support 1920x1080. The VGA connection itself is capable of outputting that resolution.
Plus according to this.
The GMA900 series is capable of supporting 16:9 ratio resolutions, which 1920x1080 is.

And if the system cant, then it will just display the highest resolution it can. So you get the best image possible and you have a decent quality monitor that can be used on a different rig without issue.
the asus should for it price give your old dad the same look and feel of the crt on an lcd screen and not break the bank. also the monitor has newer video port if dad pc ever kicks the bucket or someone gives him a newer pc.
myself i would talk to the family and toss in some cash and build him a newer pc. you need to be able to run newer browsers one for safety the older ones can be hacked real easy and also a lot of the newer www content needs a newer browser to work.
a 4 gig machine with windows 7 and an two core amd or two core g cpu and a 40.00 mb and 500g drive using onboard video will last dear old dad a long long time. the plus side he love the newer machine as it be a lot faster.