Replacing Pentium 4 Processor HP DC7600


Oct 25, 2012
Hi All, First off I'm not sure if this is in the right thread. If it isnt could someone replace it.

I have a HP DC7600 Desktop with the Socket 775. My current processor is an Pentium 4. I have looked around and it says that you can put a Core 2 Duo processor in but I want to make sure that I can do this before I do anything else.

Is it possible to do this?

- Thanks Aaron
Here's what the technical specs (found here ) has to say about that - talk about being vague
"3.2.2 Processor Upgrading
All models use the LGA775 ZIF (Socket T) mounting socket. These systems require that the processor use an integrated heatsink/fan assembly. A replacement processor must use the same type heatsink/fan assembly as the original to ensure proper cooling.
The processor uses a PLGA775 package consisting of the processor die mounted “upside down” on a PC board. This arrangement allows the heat sink to come in direct contact with the processor die. The heat sink and attachment clip are specially designed provide maximum heat transfer from the processor component."
Soooo, I looked up your motherboard - okay, I attempted to... can you see any numbers silk screened onto the motherboard that can help identify it? I ask because chipset will be a determining factor in what processors are supported.
For what it's worth so far...