Replacing secondary hard drive in HP Pavilion Laptop

Jan 5, 2019
Hello Everyone:

I recently upgraded my main hard drive in my older HP Pavilion laptop to a SSD, and everything went smoothly. Now I would now like to replace the secondary drive in the laptop (a 300GB HDD that came with the system) with a 1 TB Hybrid WD Black SSD Hybrid Drive that was in my Lenovo Laptop (that I've also upgraded/replaced), but I cannot get the HP Laptop to recognize/detect the WD Black SSD Hybrid drive.

I've removed all the existing partitions of the WD drive (using diskpart) and formatted the drive, but when I physically install it in the laptop it doesn't show up in either Windows Explorer, Disk Management, or even BIOS.

If I connect the WD Black drive to the computer with a SATA>USB cable externally, it works fine, as does the original HP 300GB disk if I reinstall it back into it's original slot.

Would the cables in the HP Laptop in the secondary slot be the culprit? Or is the fact that it is a SSD/HDD Hybrid drive be the cause?

Or something else I haven't thought of?

Thank you for your time and expertise.

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