Question Replacing the power supply on an older prebuilt.

Jan 27, 2020
Hi, the power supply on my pc (prebuilt) makes a loud rattling noise, sometimes it's fixed by turning the pc on and off again but then it comes back the next time i turn the pc on again. So i wanted to replace it, but i have never done that and also don't really know what all those plugs and cables are and where they belong and don't belong. View:
this is the power supply that's currently in it. i have an asus b85m-e motherboard with an i5-4460 and this gpu I'm in germany btw. So i wanted to ask what power supply i should get that's safe, will do the job and is somewhat beginner friendly to install. it doesn't need to be fancy because i'm not gonna upgrade this pc with anything (if i want a to upgrade i will just buy a whole new prebuilt). At the same time it would be great if anyone has a guide on how to install a power supply for someone who doesn't even know where the cables go. or should i try to find a shop that would install it for me?