Question Replacing the RX6600 XT

Apr 23, 2023
Hi everyone,
I'd like to replace the RX6600 XT but I don't know what to buy
I have a smaller PC, builded it last year and I was disappointed after I found out, there is no 8K60 HZ support for Linux
But now, thanks God, nVidia released a driver for Linux, with 8K60Hz support

I will sell the Radeon RX6600 XT but I'm not sure what to buy
No gaming at all.
Web browsing, a lot of YouTube, Google Earth, watching some movies, pictures, and stuff like that.
What about the RTX 3xxx Serie?
Would you recommend something like RTX 3060 Ti or should I buy the RTX 4060 Ti?

Thank you in advance.
What are your CPU and motherboard models? You may not even NEED a graphics card, or a very good one, to support 8k@60hz. Anything, whether the CPU through the motherboard or the graphics card, that has displayport 1.4, supports 8k@60hz.

You just need to determine what the displayport version for any integrated or discreet graphics adapter is to determine if it supports that resolution and refresh rate.
Apr 23, 2023
My CPU, I9 12700KS, does not have a GPU
I need one for 8K, but as I said, no gaming at all
The cheaper, the better.
Something quiet would be great, even if I need to spend a bit more money
Well, either you posted the wrong model, which you did either way because there IS no "12700ks" but there IS a "12900ks", or are simply wrong because the Intel data sheet specifically states that the 12900KS has Intel UHD graphics 770 which in fact DOES support Displayport 1.4a.

The only way your CPU doesn't have graphics is if it is the 12700KF in which case it is NOT an "i9", or a 12900KF, which is an i9 but lacks graphics like all other "F" models.

Please double check your CPU model and get back to me.