Question Replacing thermal paste on a Macbook Pro 2011 model ?


Aug 23, 2012
Hey guys,

I've been using a 2011 Macbook Pro, well since 2011.
Lately, the system was heating up too much. So I decided to install a fan app called smcFAN control.
I was surprised to see idle temps at 55-62C despite forcing higher RPM and with any use of apps such as EDGE etc it goes to 95C
With Safari its at 85-88C.

I suspect the thermal paste is the culprit.
I read on some forums that its not advisable to change the paste on MBP as it wont make a difference and rather suggested SMC reset (which is not applicable in my case, as despite manually forcing the fans at 6k rpm its still hot)

My question is
  1. Should I dare change the Thermal paste on the MBP as I would be using it for a couple of months at least?
  2. If not, what else can be done? This needs to be addressed as my entire system is stuttering if 2-3 apps are open.

I'd go for it, replace the thermal paste, clean the whole fan + heatsink assembly.