Question Replacing/Upgrading parts on my M5014 flashed to LSI9260, did I get ripped off or do something wrong?


Oct 5, 2002
So I have had my IBM M5014 for a while, I reflashed it long ago to LSI 9260-i8 firmware, I wanted to replace it's battery and upgrade my array from RAID5 to 6.

Recently the BBU on it died, and swelled pretty bad. I didn't have the money to replace it at the time, but I finally do now, so I went ahead and ordered a replacement from scsi4me since I received recommendations that I could trust that one, even though it was expensive, and I didn't trust all the too-cheap-to-be-true $20-30 ones that were everywhere. The one at SCSI4ME (if they can be trusted) claimed it was new stock, and comes with a year of warranty from the vendor. I also noticed that after I ordered it, they discontinued selling it, so guess that was their last one.

However, when it arrived I noticed a few things odd about it. At first, I had trouble figuring out just how it would fit on the old screw-on board I took off the previous battery.... then I realized that it's because that board appeared to be already integrated into said battery.... and it looks a lot like the cheap batteries that were everywhere else, here it is next to the unpopulated circuit board from the old battery and the card:



And more worryingly, once I installed it, after a few minutes I got the message that "Battery temperature is high"

It's not clear if it's properly charging either, I am not sure if I am reading this information right, but it looks like it's basically saying that it's not able to hit it's full capacity, which makes me wonder if this is used or "refurbished":



Is any of this normal? Especially since it's a "new" battery that is supposed to go through a re-learn cycle? (Though it seems like the card would refuse to re-learn if it's getting too hot?). Or is something wrong with this battery? Am I just supposed to have better cooling in my case or something?

UPDATE: Since the card was telling me that it was about to start a re-learn process in a few days, and that this process could take up to a month and since I am going to be shutting down/rebooting the system a lot in the next month as I work on and upgrade it, I temporarily disabled automatic battery relearning until I was done with the system, and it seems to go completely crazy after that. Constantly charging and discharging, the temperature constantly going between normal and high, and even attempting a relearn cycle immediately anyway. Is this supposed to be happening? I never really paid attention to the battery before other than to check if it had failed:


I would like to note though, that even though the battery claims it's up to around 50C/122F... it's always barely even warm to the touch, certainly not hot. Although the card's heatsink that's right next to the battery gets blazing hot.

The second, I admit I am not sure if it's fully on me for doing something wrong or not. From what I read, since this was originally an IBM card, I can't use the LSI keys for it, and need to purchase the IBM keys instead, the "M5000 Series Advanced Feature Key" apparently. So I got one of those and installed it.... and I can't notice anything different. There does not appear to be any acknowledgement anywhere on the Windows MegaRAID Storage Manager client to show that anything has changed.

The only option I have to migrate my raid is to a RAID0 (The cables to connect the 5th drive I need have not arrived yet though, would it not even the option to migrate to RAID6 if there are not enough drives connected? Or is that not the case?). The "How to enable megaraid advanced software options?" option just opens a broken blank webpage (I guess it doesn't load on newer browsers). I tried to load it in IE but it was still fairly broken, and I saw some mention of needing to purchase a license key?

But, IBM apparently does not have that? It's not clear if I would need a license key for the IBM cards too, or only if it was LSI, and I can't even find any place they mention in said help file to put in a license key even if I had one (I am guessing I would be pretty stuck if this was the case, since I doubt they even sell them anymore, and even if they do, I likely can't afford their pricing that is intended for corporations). The "Go To->Controller->Manage Advanced Software Options " menu the LSI/Broadcomm PDF mentions for viewing anything about advanced features or entering a key is not there. there is a Go To and Controller menu, but no "Manage Advanced Software Options " under that:

Looking at the PDF document from IBM about that same key, I don't see any mention of needing a license:

So I am quite confused if I need a license key to use this physical key or not, and if not, how I can make sure my card is actually accepting the key.
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