News Report: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Undergoing 12nm Transformation

I wonder what the pricing will be? Between making the 2300X no longer be OEM only, existence of the 1500AF, and the Athlon 200GE, 220GE, 240GE, and 3000G, and the 3200g, the sub-$100 market is getting even MORE crowded with AMD products.

At 4 cores, 4 threads, and lower clocks, it's going to HAVE to sell notably less than the 1600AF. That really then puts downward pressure on the Athlons. The 2300X, also being 4c/4t, while having slightly higher clocks than the 1600AF, is going to have to sell for between the 1300AF and the 1600AF.

I'm really curious as to how pricing in among all these CPUs/APUs is going to shake out.
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That really then puts downward pressure on the Athlons.
The Athlon parts have integrated graphics, while the Ryzen 1200 does not, making it less ideal for something like an office machine. The lowest-priced Ryzen quad-core processor with integrated graphics is currently the 3200G, which starts around $92 currently, while the Athlon 3000G is $55, slightly more than its $50 launch price. Without integrated graphics, the AF processors probably won't affect their pricing much.
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Hmm, that's true - but I think there's two markets for anything with integrated graphics:
  • Those that want office-type machines, with no discrete GPU.
  • Those who want a budget gaming system, cheap processor with a discrete GPU. Or are transferring an existing GPU to a new modern but budget system.
I imagine the latter group is much smaller than the former, but I could see the possibility that SOME of the APU sales are going to those looking for a best price/clock-speed/cores+threads mix for an entry-ish gaming system.

Or could, if some of these get cheap enough.

(Yeah, I realize it's a little bit of a stretch).
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