News Report: Apple Plans to Reduce Production in China

Jun 18, 2019
The whole problem with having production wholesale in china is that China is a developing industrial nation. We've been there ourselves, so we already know what happens. The workforce gets more entitled and demanding. And then the production costs that were once beneficial, are just the same as everywhere else. Except now you have to pay for global distribution to hit the most lucrative markets, alongside paying the tariffs that all of those developed nations have charged forever.

And then you factor in the humanities issues that china has, making it a volatile workforce market, after other countries raise more tariffs or outright ban them from importing.

Manufacturing in China is a lose-lose situation. It's just like the housing bubble. Some people got rich off of it. But at the end of the day, it was always going to end, and if you didn't play the market perfectly, you got burned bad.

Apple is playing the market perfectly here.


Mar 25, 2008
Apple flips the finger to a living wage standard for all industrialized countries. Tell me again why they are the darlings of millennials, and better behaved entities are smeared regularly? Oh ya, all that social consciousness is just lip service.