REPORT: Eudemonia, Berkeley, CA, March 26, 2005



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Tourney Winner, March 26, 2005
Berkeley, CA
16 players
2R + F

CRYPT (12, Max 44, Min 14, Avg 6.50)
4x Ur-Shulgi, The Shepherd
3x Thetmes, Caliph of Alamut
2x Yazid Tamari
Mustafa Rahman

6x Minion Tap
3x The Parthenon
2x Information Highway
2x Alamut
1x Powerbase: Rome
1x Direct Intervention
1x Archon Investigation
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Fortschritt Library
1x Giant's Blood
1x Golconda: Inner Peace
1x Secure Haven
1x Tajdid
1x Underworld Hunting Ground
1x The Coven

9x Flurry of Action
6x Khabar: Glory
3x Govern the Unaligned
1x Aranthebes, The Immortal

ALLY (1)
1x Mylin Horseed

1x Kine Resources Contested
1x Ancient Influence
1x Banishment
1x Free States Rant
1x Political Stranglehold
1x Reins of Power

5x Lost in Crowds
5x Deed the Heart's Desire
3x Elder Impersonation
3x Faceless Night
3x Spying Mission
3x Cloak the Gathering
3x Conditioning

3x Wake with Evening's Freshness
3x Deflection
3x Redirection
2x Confusion of the Eye

3x Swallowed by the Night

1x Anthelios, the Red Star

And now for the report!

Me (Modified Multi-Taskamites) > Greg (Giovanni intercept w/For +
Hordes) > Nat (Augustus + Nagaraja Crocodile/Vote) > Ira (Etrius +
10-cap crew Crod/Protean Bleed)

I have a fat crypt of 2x Sluggi, 1x Thetmes and 1x Yazid, and going
first. Fortunately, everyone eise is playing fatties so my turn 4 (!!)
Ur-Shulgi doesn't hamper me much. I also have a couple Taps in hand so
I can get Thetmes without sweating it too much.

The game quickly bogs down with no one wanting to take much of a chance
because we all have major bounce. Greg sets up *two* Divine Signs
against Sluggy and stalls me out. Eventually Greg's lone Horde does
Ur-Shulgi in. I draw into my Redirections which are useless for Thetmes
against Ira's 10+ caps. Nat puts an Auspex master on Thetmes one turn
late and Ira bleeds me out with 10 seconds to go in the round.

RESULT: Ira 1.5 VPs, Nat 0.5 VPs, Greg 0.5 VPs, Me 0 VPs

Bernie (Ahrimanes/Heart of the City) > Forgot his name (AUS/SER
FoS/Allonzo bleed/corrupt) > Me > Paul/Gomi (Obf Spying Mission)

I have 3x Sluggy, and 1x Weenie in my crypt. I get Sluggy out turn 3
and drop an early Political Stranglehold, helping out only Howler and
myself. After Sluggy and the nerd are in play, I dig for Yazid and get
him into the action. I took a couple early hits from the Corruptor via
Revelations of Desire, Revelations of Despair, Truth of a Thousand Lies
and Weigh the Heart. Fortunately, he soon gagged on stealth since I
wasn't blocking much and I got my Minion Taps working. This was
dangerous in itself because he dropped a Form of Corruption, but I just
took a bit of time to hunt and do some light politics.

This gave Gomi no Sensei a chance to push hard forward vs the
Ahrimanes, which never seemed to have enough intercept against all the
Spying Missions and Marked Paths. At one point Gomi only bled for like
2 on a turn decided to try and wall up when he was at 4 pool. I counted
his bleed and he would need 2 Hacks to oust Bernie. I let him have his
shot but he only got 1. The next turn I got Gomi and 2 turns later got
Bernie. That pool enhancement, coupled with my recent HG and Coven kept
me out of Form range and I ran over the AUS/SER deck for the sweep.

Result: Me 1 GW, 4 VPs

There were 6 GWs out of the 8 tables. One person with 1 GW and 3 VPs
didn't make it in. Here are the top 5:

1st: Ira (Etrius + Crew Croc & Protean)
2nd: Ian (Allonzo & Pariah + Dom)
3rd: Hans (!Nos ANI Wall with Teresita)
4th: Me (Modified Multi-Taskamites)
5th: Nat (Augustus + Nagaraja Croc & Votes)

Being 4th, I didn't get to choose my seat. Here's the table:
Ira > Ian > Me > Nat > Hans

My opening crypt was 2x Ur-Shulgi, Thetmes and Mustafa which was great
for 3rd position. I had a Conditioning in hand and was considering
going for a quick bleed with Mustafa to get the Edge expecting Nat to
have no minions on turn 1, but I feared not having Ur-Shulgi out if
someone called an Ancient Influence, Reins of Power or Political
Stranglehold, since I knew Nat and Ira were *also* packing these three
votes. It was a good thing I didn't because Hans got a turn 1 !Nos
anyway and got (and kept!) the Edge for 3 turns.

It was my luck that Ian decided to tool up against Ira instead of
trying to bleed forward. He got an early Catherine Du Bois and tooled
her up with a Seal of Veddartha (meant for Pariah via Heidelberg). He
also got Tasha Morgan and spent some time fishing for bounce vs Ira.

Nat did some moderate bleeding against Hans. Others commented that he
seemed to be putting a lot of effort into not a lot of result. From
Round 1, I gathered he didn't have a lot of bounce in his deck, so I
took that to mean he was fishing for it. I got some Minion Taps and
managed to get Thetmes into play as well. Then, I dropped a Reins of
Power which Etrius was happy to help pass, dropping Nat dangerously low
(7 or so).

The next turn cycle was huge in the game. Etrius got blocked and
torpored by Hans via Trap/Crows/Bats combat. I offered him a mutual
rescue deal for Mustafa, whom Pariah had dunked earlier so Lazverinus
wouldn't have to try the action. He declined. Laz was then blocked by
Pariah when he tried to rescue and dunked with Claws and 7 blood or so
on him. Pariah also went to zero blood and wasn't going to rush me on
Ian's turn. I now had vote lock with Sluggy and Thetmes with Tajdid in
play and Ira (top seed) was in peril.

When my turn rolled around, Ira again pleaded for a rescue and I told
him I'd think about it after I took my first action. I bled Nat for 5
with Ur-Shulgi and when he didn't bounce it, I took in Thetmes for the
oust leaving Ira very vulnerable. Hans proceeded to sacrifice Shannon
to eat Lazverinus and Ira was left with 10 pool and an empty torpored

To make a long story short, Ira got Dreams in play and survived by
pulling back his pool. Ian rescued Etrius to provide a buffer between
himself and Hans. Hans couldn't go forward too fast because of my bleed
potential. I stalled on stealth so Thetmes got caught and Crow torpored
as well trying to burn an Army of Rats. But Anthelios and The Parthenon
arrived so I worked Minion Tap/Golconda to bloat significantly. I
retrieved Golconda for Etrius giving Ira some more cushion. Finally my
hand unclogged and stealth showed up allowing Yazid bled out Hans with
a couple minutes remaining before the table timed out.

Me 1 GW 2.5 VPs, Ira 0.5 VPs, Ian 0.5 VPs, Hans 0 VPs, Nat 0 VPs

Thanks to Jay Kristoff for inspiring me to tweak his Multi-taskamites
deck and cut down on the crypt size. Thanks also to Ian Lee for letting
me borrow Ur-Shulgi #4. Finally thanks to Ira Fay for running yet
another smooth tournament at Eudemonia in Berkeley, California!



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Jay Kristoff wrote:
> Jeff Kuta wrote:
> >Tourney Winner, March 26, 2005
> >Eudemonia
> >Berkeley, CA
> Nice job Jeff! I like your version of the deck. Did you find that
> multiple master phase actions/Anthelios was a good thing? In my most
> version of the deck I cut down on the masters (expecting to play just
one a
> turn), and ditched Anthelios.

I really liked the cycling via Anthelios, particularly retrieving
Golcondas. I probably should have had a Sudden Reversal in my deck as
well. During the first round, both Greg and Ira retrieved their own SRs
which made the game rather complicated. They each stopped Nat on two
consecutive turns: Greg against a Blood Doll for his fresh Marino
Reymundo Vasquez and Ira against an Auspex on Thetmes (for Redirection

The Parthenon also helped significantly in my games, particularly the
finals when I tapped Ur-Shulgi for 7 then Golconda'd him, and on the
next turn retrieved it then Golconda'd my empty torpored Thetmes. Ian
freely bled 18 of my 28 new pool over the next three turns, but that
wasn't nearly enough.

I will probably change it somewhat. The Khabar: Glories were nice, but
when I had an intercept prey, they weren't nearly as good so ended up
discarding a few. I stripped out some politics for those, so perhaps
I'll replace a couple with KRCs or Banishment.



Archived from groups: (More info?)

Jeff Kuta wrote:

>Tourney Winner, March 26, 2005
>Berkeley, CA

Nice job Jeff! I like your version of the deck. Did you find that the
multiple master phase actions/Anthelios was a good thing? In my most recent
version of the deck I cut down on the masters (expecting to play just one a
turn), and ditched Anthelios.

Jay Kristoff