Question [Repost Kinda] Did I screw myself? Overclocking CPU

Aug 22, 2019
Hi everyone,

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x8GB DDR4-3200
Mobo: ASRock B450m Pro4 mATX
PSU: PowerSpec 650W 80+ Bronze
GPU: Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 580 8GB

I clocked my CPU to 3.8GHz @ 1.4v and my RAM to DDR4-2666 @ 1.4v. Last night when it seemed successful I was running Fortnite at a smooth 250-300 frames per second, but today when I booted up and got on to play some games, I realized in more intense moments during gameplay (big gunfights, Fortnite endgame), my frames were dropping to about 30 FPS. So I set my RAM back down to 2400MHz @ 1.35v, but I am still experiencing these awful frame drops and it is nearly unplayable.

I tried downloading AMD Overdrive to stress test and find the best stable oc for me, but upon downloading and restarting my computer so Overdrive could configure, I was dealt the blue screen giving me "AODDriver2.sys" error, something along the lines of that. After researching I eventually uninstalled Overdrive via Safe Mode which fixed the blue screen/boot loop issue.

Now once I finally got back into Windows 10, everything is much much slower. When sliding my mouse across applications on my desktop I get bad lag and it skips over applications that would usually highlight when doing this. Loaded up Fortnite to find that moving my mouse even a centimeter drops me down to 20 FPS when even just in the lobby.

CPU and GPU usage/temps are completely fine, as well as memory and disk usage. Everything has slowed down a lot, loading apps takes longer, and I can tell everything overall is super slow.

I have been working to fix this for hours, someone please help!

I am new to overclocking and would love to learn more. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
start the machine hammer the "delete key" on keyboard go into bios system restore system defaults save and exit then you might have to select boot options but generally just have fun with it overclocking is an art and I find not worth it.
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