Question Request for expert assistance on best 2023 Laptop recommendation for particular use case.


Aug 1, 2014
Hi there. I am in the market for a new Windows laptop and would like to request expert assistance with finding the very best product for me. I have about $1500 to spend, and overall, I am looking for the very best bang for my buck that matches the following specs below.

I will be using this laptop as a desktop replacement; primarily for remote work online and don’t want to lag with multiple external monitors, multiple programs open, and dozens of tabs, so the fastest SSD, RAM, and battery life are very important to me. I would like a 14-15” size and will be using multiple external monitors with it (one is a 4k OLED and the other is a 3440 ultrawide. I would love an expert's opinion on the best hub to go along with this computer as well) while at home, and will be using the laptop monitor for many hours when traveling, so I would also like the very best 2k+ resolution OLED or miniLED screen I can get. I also like to play the occasional game so a discrete GPU would be cool but a high end one isn’t entirely important, although one would probably help me with the uses I’ve described above.

The research I have done seems to bring me to the following laptops that seem to consistently be considered the best laptops of 2023:
  • The Asus Zenbook 14X and 14 OLED.
  • The Lenovo Legion, 9i, 7i, and 5i.
  • The LG gram

Build quality and esthetics are very important to me as well, and it seems that the new Ryzen CPUs are now being implemented into new laptop models, and from my research, they seem to be much more power efficient than their Intel counterparts, so I would like to hear an experts opinion on that as well.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!


Although your thread hold some info, you should've stylized your thread akin to this thread;
so we could get to sourcing a laptop for your needs.

In retrospect, the laptops you've mentioned above should come in different SKU's, which is why you're advised to pass on links to the laptops you've narrowed down.