Requesting coders and ideas for iTunes replacement project


Dec 7, 2005
Hey all SD users.

My friend and I are looking into creating our own programe to replace iTunes. I myself have failed to find that ONE program that does it all, nor has my friend. So we're setting out to dev our own software, mostly for fun. My friend has advance coding skills, and has been dev for a good 6 years or so. As for me, I'm a college student whom only had basic coding, but I happen to know advance web scripting.

All in all, we're looking for people out there who would enjoy taking upon this project with us. As I know how great it is to finally have that great mp3, apple ipod, but have itunes lacking in curtain areas.

I am also open to suggestion on what everyone would like to see in this project.

As for now, these are the set features of what the two of us want to see in this little program.
1. better playlist integration, the ability to creat and organize playlist with in playlist
2. RSS feed for news and what not
3. Podcasting support, just like itunes, so basically another RSS feed.
4. better audiobook support, i myself would like to better organize my audiobooks. itunes has an podcast organization, but why not audiobook also?
5. video integrations, lets see conversation to ipod video support
6. smarter library sorting. I personaly do not understand why it would or should list our podcasts, videos, and audio books if we have other tabs for them.

Voice your ideas and pm if you want to join this project. I myself find it kinda of .... blah, that I have to use about 3 different programs to sync my ipod. itunes for podcasting, pics, music, vid. podplus for rss stuff. and some other program to sync ipod songs to pc. Videora to convert vids. Granted most of these program do come free, and some do not, but it gets kind of lenghty to use each and every singal one to sync.

For those who consider helping with the coding, we cannot offer any kinda of cash value payments. But in the end, we get a nice progy or a fun project to work on.

If it tunes out good, then we can always ask for "donations"


Dec 7, 2005
If this forum supported spell check then I would use it. As this isn't an english paper I do not see the need to run it through a spell checker.


I would figure since you're asking for highly qualified people to help on this project, you would try to maintain an intelligent and professional appearance. The people you're looking for probably wouldn't want to spend their time working on a project with someone who doesn't pay attention to detail, can't spell properly without a spell check, and thinks it's Ok to not do something because it's not convenient.

Best of luck to you on your project.


Dec 31, 2007
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