Requesting help to optimize video card for Gygabyte 945PL-S3


Jan 16, 2007
I am planning a "moderate" new system with 945P-S3 and a E6300.
Crazy thoughts about 8800GTS come to mind way too often, but putting the narcissistic side on a leash, I think to myself:
"Why spending so much on a video card if good portion of it wont deliver the performance due to a slower platform and processor?"
I don't want to brag neither want to spend "stupid money" just a graphics card that will deliver its full performance with a Core2 DUO E6300 + 945P-S3 (I haven't decided about the memory yet)

I am more inclined to Nvidia since I do CAD/3D stuff as a hobby and I believe that in general the CAD/CAM/3D modeling programs work better with Nvidia drivers.
I have little to none experience with OCing but I am willing to try it out.

Thank you.


Jan 25, 2006
I've got that exact setup and it's fast. Put a 8800 gts and it's driver's are still a bit buggy. Good bet to wait a little and get it after they work some kinks out.

For example, didn't get any increase in framerates when playing BF2142, however, got a 40 FPS increase in Oblivion.

There's some evidence that it needs a fast processor to get all it's 8800 glory,

My friend sent me this link after i upgraded to the 8800: Some proof of my rant...kinda...