Reset or re-install terminal server license help


Dec 31, 2007
Need some help. Working on the following.

1 domain controller. win2k server. Installed 10 TS CALs
1 terminal server. win2k server with terminal services activated.

problem is the terminal server had a hard drive failure and I had to install win2k from scratch.

FYI, I am not the best at windows. Now, my newly installed terminal server box will not allow more than 2 RDP sessions. I did search at knowledge base. Couldn't find any substantial info to help me reset or re-install the TS CALs so my Terminal Server box can accept 10 RDP sessions

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


When you set up TS on your DC, it should ask you how you want to set it up and at that point you would want to specify your settings. I don't think you would need to reinstall TS on your client machine, but that might be something you would want to try.