Question Reset password using a UK keyboard but PC wants a US keyboard


Jul 15, 2010

I have just got a HP i5 running with Windows 10 and I wanted to network the machine so I gave it a password. The password contained a £ sign. When I log on, the keyboard is US and no £ sign. I went into the BIOS and the only language available is English which is US.

How do I either set the keyboard from outside windows to UK english or reset the password.

-you have to use the numbers on the keypad with the alt key. just fyi.
search for and run character map to bring up the windows app to show the keycode.
£ looks like alt + 0163 on my system.

this laptop does not have a keypad but I can cut and paste the character into notepad via the clipboard. This then could be used to change the password via the net.exe commands. toms tend to delete this if I try to explain how to do it.

you could also google how to set the windows keyboard layout.
select a international key layout that does have the key you need.
the letters printed on the keyboard will not match what is typed but it will let you directly type your international characters to let you enter the password and then change it.

any admin can change the password. how depends on how your user is validated.
(local account or network account or internet account)
if you know the local account password then any machine on your local network can remotely log in and change the local password on the machine.
any admin can reset or change the password
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