Question Reset switch front panel connector question


Jun 30, 2011
Ok, so I just finished my build and think I may have messed up the front panel reset switch connection just a bit. To understand, here is the arrangement for front panel connectors from my exact motherboard's digital manual:

So, I am 100% certain everything other than the reset switch is good. However, you see how the reset switch has GND | RESET# | GND ? I believe I plugged in the reset switch to the furthest GND and not the nearest to the HDLED pins. So I have HDLED+ | HDLED- | EMPTY GND | RESET# and last GND plugged in. I also think I plugged the negative side into the reset and the positive side into the ground. Upon further reading, + and - don't actually matter for the switches so I think I'm covered there. But what about using the last GND on the board instead of the one right next to HDLED+ and HDLED-? Does this matter in the long run? My case is tight and getting to these connectors is a bit of a hassle or otherwise I would just move it. Am I ok to just leave it as it is?

As for functionality... everything works fine. Reset switch, power switch and the LEDs all work. I should be ok... right?