Resident Evil 2 Remake: HDD can't load game zones at time and freezes


Sep 30, 2017
I recently installed Resident Evil 2 Remake on my second drive, a new Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD. Game runs smooth without stuttering but in some zone, sometimes, they aren't loaded. When I try to access a new zone, by a door for example, there is nothing and I can see the other room that was already loaded. It stays at that for some seconds and then it load and I can enter that zone.
In one of the hallways, I saw a zombie standing in in front of a window that was frozen and after zone seconds, it appears outside the window and started breaking the window. Also, there are randomly freezes in-game for some seconds and the HDD it's like it stopped working.

I checked Task Manager and Resource Monitor. HDD usage is 100% when this happens. Resource Monitor tells me that re_chunk_000.pak is being read by RE2.exe at 3.5-4.5MB/s and by System at 8.5-12.5MB/s. As this file is 22.1GB, the HDD "can't" load it a time so some zones aren't loaded in game and get freezes. (In GTA V the game only freezes and sometimes crash because of this)

I have defragged my HDD (the game folder and all the disk for make sure), checked page file is enabled and checked RAM usage in-game. Page file weren't used at all and 6GB of RAM (like much) where used while playing and when the game got freeze. For this, I think HDD could be the responsible. I also ran a Crystal Disk Benchmark and these are the results:

Some pictures:

This isn't the only game where this happens. In GTA V also does (I made a thread, but I never played the game anymore) and in CSGO also but this mostly never does. Also, in other games happens but not to much.

Can this be solved?
Sorry for long post.

My system specs:
i5 3340
GTX 1050 Ti
Gigabyte H61M-S1
Crucial BX300 120GB SSD (where Windows is installed)
Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD (for game and media storage)
Userbenchmark bench

You should get another bigger SSD for games as slow HDD speed could be causing the slow load times/freezes.

Also, I see you also posted this on Techpowerup too. You should default to using TPU to troubleshoot issues as the quality of answers and level of expertise on TPU is generally superior to what you can find here on Tomshardware.