Question Restarts again and again ?

Nov 13, 2020
  • This is one of my customer's PC. ASUS H170M-Plus with i7-7700 processor 3.60GHz, 8GB RAM. When I got this I checked Power supply and It's standby power showed 100 and sometimes 0. So I changed power supply and cleaned Mother board and all the items inside and powered up. everything were fine. I re-install windows 10 and install softwares and worked 2 days without any problem.
  • but today I turned on it to check and I worked 10-15 mins, suddenly PC turned off and in 2-3sec start automatically. But it won't go so far, just started to restart.
  • So Removed the power and check Power supply again but no error found with PSU Tester.
  • So I removed HDD, GPU and just start with Processor+RAM. It powered on and went to bios and while I check the settings again started to restart.
  • I removed CMOS battery, Clean RAM and tried again, but same result.
  • Changed RAM, Changed another Powersupply, remove switch connectors... still restarting again and again
  • If it turning on few minutes after shutdown, it will work another few minutes.
*and when it's started to restart 1 or 2 times comes to BIOS but restarting periods getting shorter. then It's not coming to bios and just getting on and off continuously.

please help me to solve this problem quickly.