[SOLVED] Restarts every 10 sec, except when I'm in bios


Dec 17, 2010
Okay guys and gals, thank you for taking a look at this.

My Computer had been running fine, I built is 8 years ago and upgraded the video card and ram along the way. About 6 months ago I put two more ram sticks in and flashed the bios, and then about a month ago I changed a case fan that was noisy, however no changes immediately prior to this issue. I was watching UTube and my computer restarted, then on the screen it came up "Prepairing Repair..." then a few seconds and it restarted, and prepairing repair, and restart and on and on...

I tried to boot into safe mode but before the promt comes up the computer restarts. I press the power button, and 10 sec later it restarts

I unseated video card, sound card, Ram, CPU, power connections to the Motherboard, cleaned with 70% alcohol and lint free cloth, reseated everything, new thermo coumpound on the cpu to cooler. Same result: I click the power button and about 10 sec in, it restarts, just after prepairing repair shows up.

Turn on Press F8 to get to safemode, and before a promt comes up the computer restarts, and restarts, and restarts.

Check bios: Turn on press F2, Bios comes up, nothing strange, all the voltages and temps are normal, My bios was flashed 6 months ago so it's the latest and been running for 6 months with out a problem. so I load optimal settings in the bios just incase, save and reboot, and same thing, 10 sec and reboot, 10 sec and reboot...

I thought corrupt OS, so I put the a boot disk in, "press any key to boot from DVD"... 10 sec in and restart. Hmmm maybe its a bad hard drive? I have 3 hard drives, so I disconnect each one in turn trying to boot up with the boot disk, and 3 more times same thing. Okay try a different boot disk, lets try an old WinXP boot disk, and the same thing happens. Lets make a boot disk from another computer using the Microsoft's media creation tool. Same result, Turn on and after 10 sec it restarts. Its got to be a thermal issue right? Lets, clean, thermo compound and reseat, the CPU and cooler again. Same thing.

maybe power supply, I buy a new power supply, Corsair CX750M 750w 80+ Bronze, to replace my Silencer MK III 600w 80+ Silver, but the Silencer power supply is 8 years old like the CPU and motherboard, so who knows... Install new power supply, same thing I can get to bios and I can sit in the bios all day, but when loading, or booting from disk, basically when the system is under load, it restarts, and restarts and restarts...

Lets try disconnecting the discrete video card and discrete sound card and run off the video and sound on the motherboard, again I can get to bios but upon loading or booting, 10 sec and restart.

maybe there is bad Ram, so I pull a pair of ram out, then switch them, then change banks, same thing 10 sec restart, 10 sec restart...

Again I can't get to safe mode because there is not enough time, nor can I get to any option on a boot disk because it restarts

What do you think?

Thank you for your time on this one.

CPU: i-7 3770K 3rd gen (never overclocked, I never felt the need to.)
Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V
Ram: 32GB (2x8GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz and 2x8GB Tecmiyo DDR3 1600MHz)
Video card: Asus GTX1060 6GB GDDR5
Discrete audio card: Asus Xonar DGX
Hard drives : 1 - Crucial M500 SSD 500 120GB
2- WD Raptor 10,000 rpm WD740 74GB
3- WD Blue WD10EZEX 1TB
Power Supply: Corsair CX750M 750w 80+ Bronze