Question restore backup using easeus todo version 11.5 backup home software

Dec 27, 2018
I have todo backup home 11.5
I had to reinstall my windows 10. but, before I did I made a full system backup to
to an externel HD
On my PC I have a 256G SSD drive and a 1TB HD
In the recovery screen of todo I have 2 options, I have to pick one or the other.
Hard disk 0 (931.51 GB, Basic,GPT++++OR++++Hard Disk 1 (238,47 GB Basic, GBT.
Which one do I pick??
Also in the advanced options box, do I check optimize to SSD?


First thing, what kind of system backup did you do? Did you do an image of the disk? If you did, then restoring that image will simply wipe out this new Windows 10 setup and will bring it back to how it was when you did the backup.

Second part, the options are for what, what you are restoring the backup to? That would be the same disk you took a backup of. It would also depends on if you did a backup of the disk or or some partition.

If you just did a backup of some chunk of data then you would restore it back to the same place you took the backup from.

Really need some more details about how you did this backup and exactly what you are trying to accomplish by restoring it.

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