Restoring from a Backup file in XP Pro


Mar 7, 2006
Hello Gentlemen,

I have a 200 GB harddrive. I split it into 3 drives C:, D: & E:

my C drive consists of XP Pro Operating System

my D drive consists of a Operating System BACKUP file (I created it when I successfully installed XP Pro on my system)

my E drive consists of some important documents & downloaded software files.

Now I want to restore my C drive with XP Pro initial stages (from the Backed up file).

If I do that will my documents in D & E drive exist and accessible?

I cannot back them up into DVD's since they are very large and requires atlease 3 DVD's to store all the files.

All I want to do is to restore my system to initial stages without loosing any files in my other drives.

Can anyone help me regarding this.

Thanks in Advance


Feb 26, 2006
What are you trying to get rid of?
Do you have a DVD Burner?
Personally I don't like backup, I prefer a true copy. Are any of the files you want to save larger then 4.5gig? if not, burn a copy of them to DVD's. Then check the disk to be sure it is a good copy. (all this is just a form of file backup).
Saving data to another place (different machine, or different Hard Drive, or to DVD"s, CD's, is just in case something mess'es up, so you don't lose it.

First, Do no harm!


Nov 19, 2004
Depends how you created your backup but you should be fine.
I use a program called Ghost to create an image file of my C: drive.

I store this ghost image on another drive in the same PC and restore the image back to my C: partition. As long as you select to restore to the C: partition (not the whole drive) then your D: and E: will remain intact.

The only problem you could have is if you installed applications to your D: or E: drives after you made the backup. By restoring the backup to C: you will be missing registry entries and DLLs that are always stored on C: