Restoring old AGP PC


Jul 11, 2009
Hello toms hardware community, I have a little project I want to do a nd was wondering if you guys would offer some insight. I have an old gaming pc that I used in high school for 4 years, and had a lot of fun to, now I'm home from college and wanted to restore it so I could play a few older games (HL2, CSS, TF2, etc).

I would need a new graphics card as my geforce 6800 died 6 months ago, and a new PSU which blew up this morning. this is an AGP system and this will be the last I upgrade it before it is retired for good. current specs.

intel 865glc mobo
p4 3.0ghz processor
120GB hd
geforce 6800 (dead)
400watt psu(dead)

I am unsure if anything was damaged when the PSU blew, I was looking online for new agp cards and psu's and found 2. hd 3850 is the top of the line, just need to get an adequate psu to go along with it..only bottleneck is CPU but thats fine.



PSU, I want something that can run the hd 3850 AGP..just unsure if these new PSU's are different than older ones 4-5 years ago..mine says Ulta PSU ATX 400watt.

I am inexperienced at installing a new PSU so any helpful links to help me out? Would you rec commend me buying a cheap PSU and setting it up to see if anything else is fried first?

thank you for your help.


ill b ben

Mar 5, 2009
Imo you shouldnt buy this new, i aswell ''restored'' my old agp system
i bought a second hand 6600gt for 15 euro (europe yeh.)
and a ''cheap'' psu for 25 . Since i alrdy had ram mobo etc i was set to go.
and now i use it as a download/mediacenter, and the occasional ut3 (it runs super on 800x600 lol..) on b partys. What i'm trying to say is, save up