Retailer trying to pass used PSU for new...or not?


Jun 12, 2012
I was recently in a store looking for PSUs, and one of the products that was shown to me was an XFX 650W unit, but what caught my eye was that the box was not shrink wrapped... unlike the Corsair PSUs they had..... does this mean that it was probably opened (used status)? Or does XFX just not cover their PSU boxes in plastic?

I want to know for negotiating purposes/avoiding scam.
LOL I think your a bit paranoid mate.

Not all products come shrink wrapped.

It comes with a 5yr warranty, so I wouldn't worry too much about whether they opened it to test a mobo or something.

Some Antec psu's I get not only are not shrinkwrapped, they are in plain brown recycled cardboard boxes with no color printing at all. Green.