Retro System setup issues (ATI radeon x800 XT AGP)


Nov 28, 2012
I am setting up an old computer with windows 98 for retro gaming uses. The only problem I have has to do with my display. My computer monitor is a 40" LCD TV. It is connected via both the VGA and DVI (via a DVI to HDMI adapter) ports to my computer. When the BIOS post messages and windows loading screen are loading both the VGA and DVI display properly, and before I installed the display drivers (For the ATI Radeon X800 XT AGP 256 MB) both displayed in windows as well. After the drivers were installed the DVI connection stopped displaying in windows. This would seem to be a driver issue. I need the DVI connection because when I play dos games, the VGA signal changes and all my TV says is "Unsupported Video Signal", and I need the drivers installed so I can get 3d acceleration in some games. The catalyst control center doesn't detect the DVI connection. Help please?