Question returning to Login Screen


Jul 8, 2017
When I start my pc and log in, it starts to launch ok, about 5 items start to populate the taskbar at the right hand side then the screen goes black and it returns to the login screen again. If I log in again it will do the same thing ad infinitum. However if I don't try and log in either from the login screen when it goes back to it or when it starts up and just restart the computer from the login screen and log in again, it starts up just fine. Any ideas ? Win 10 home,version 1803 OS Build 17134.706


Sounds like something doesn't like fast startup

try this, from desktop after restarting
right click start button
choose power options
in the settings screen, choose Additional Power settings from under Related settings
In the control panel screen, click Choose what the power button does
next to the blue/yellow shield, click Change settings that are currently unavailable
untick Turn on fast startup and click Save changes

that should fix need for a restart, give it a try.

It makes me wonder what cause is.

What are specs of PC?

can you download driverview and change options to hide windows drivers. Take a screen shot and upload a link to a file sharing website and show a link here. Might give us a clue as to what needs an update.
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Thanks for that. I will try that. It's a strange one, only happens first boot of the day,every other boot is fine.
Windows 10 with fast startup on is never off except during a restart, or Reboot. A win 10 PC with it on goes into a hibernate state when you turn it off. It saves a copy of all drivers into a particular file so when it restarts, it loads those 1st and is faster to start than if it had to load them all individually. This is good for people with hdd but bad for drivers that aren't written for the feature as they do weird things like this.