Question Reusing Hardware on new motherboard ?

Nov 2, 2022
Hello, after 7 years I lost my Asus x99 Duluxe II mobo and i76900k CPU to a power failure. The drives, ram, video card, and water cooler are still usable. Since I couldn't upgrade the x99 to windows 11. I was hoping to reuse the rest of the hardware if I bought a mobo and CPU that would support windows 11.

I was thinking of this mobo, Asus Prime Z590-P LGA 1200. (Didn't search the CPU, waiting to see if this mobo would work with my current hardware.)

The hardware that survived that I would like to reuse, if possible and supports windows 11.

EVEA Geforce GTX 1070 SC
Corsair vengeance LPX DDR4 3333 (32GB total)
NZXT Karken Z63 water cooler
Corsair RM850x

What do you think? Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks