Question Reverting back from Win10 to Win7?


Jul 27, 2016
I'm using Win10 since 2017 but I really ain't used to it even to this day since I used Win7 from when it came out. I heard though that Win7 won't be getting support from 2020 so I'm thinking what are the drawbacks of not getting microsoft support for the OS and does it pay off to revert at this point?

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the draw back is that MS won't be actively working on keeping it up to date. so most future issues will go unpatched. normally they will issue serious vulnerability patches since they tend to be the same ones found in newer versions. but this won't be very often.

so in theory you are vulnerable to any new attacks or flaws found in windows after they end support. i plan on using it anyway for a while but i go into it knowing the hazard.

AV software helps a lot but will not usually deal with microcode or kernel level problems which is usually where serious flaws pop up.
At this point I would not recommended you go back.
The time you had to rollback to Windows 7 is gone, you will have to do a clean installation.
If you have the Windows 7 product key , use the media creation tool to create an installation media for Windows 7, and then perform a clean install of Windows.

Furthermore, Microsoft had moved resources from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and the Windows 7 update process is painful and slow.
It might take you a couple of days to download and install 300+ updates released after SP1.
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