Review: mainstream GPUs in MMORPGs


Apr 23, 2009
Cool find, thank you for sharing.

I have to say though, for WoW WOTLK, the numbers they got for the 9600gt seem rather low. I ~was~ using a 9600gt, 1680x1050 with most everything on max and i was getting better frames than that. Except in Dalaran...ugh... hate that city.

I also would have to note, i think (at least for wow) it can be more CPU intense than GPU intense...
I agree, my numbers for several different cards are higher then those shown, if only 5-10 fps. This quote from the review

"Note that the peculiarities of MMORPG gaming genre make it extremely difficult to get steadily repeatable results. Moreover, performance in these games often depends more not on the graphics adapter performance, but on the population of the server, response time and other network-related parameters. We tried to minimize the influence of these factors, however, we urge you not to consider the performance numbers obtained in this test session to be the universal truth. They should merely give you a general idea of what to expect."

They also used an i7 -965 CPU.