Reviewing PC Components After Issues

Nov 10, 2018
I have accidentally already posted this thread in the Systems sub-forum, but I believe it belongs here as it relates specifically to PC components. May a moderator please delete the previous thread.

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After having some issues with FPS in games such as Battlefield 1, Fallout 4, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and Squad, (though the new Doom ran smoothly), I spoke with a friend who noted some weaknesses in my PC components, in particular that I had under 16 GB of RAM and an aging CPU. Would you be able to take a look at my components and provide some feedback on them?

Furthermore, if upgrades are necessary, would you be able to recommend a suitable replacement for my current components? Thank you all.

PC Specifications from Speccy
In addition to this, the PSU is 650 watts.
Question from last_monarch : "Something Doesn't Feel Right (Reviewing PC Components)"

your pc like mine the older 4 core cpu are getting long in the tooth. also newer games are using more and more ram. older gaming pc with 8g of ram used to be fine. now with windows 10 and higher end gpu 16g now should be the normal for gaming pc. you have a good gaming gpu now that bottlenecked by an older cpu. if i was you and had the funds. i would donate the old pc with just onboard video for a tax write off. use the funds for a new rig with ddr4 ram and a new cpu and ssd. drop in the 1060 for now and wait for newer amd gpu.