Question Reviving an old system - looking for a good CPU + Mobo combo


Sep 3, 2014
Hi folks,

I'm looking to revive an old build that died a couple of years ago.

I only need Mobo, CPU, and RAM. The plan is getting a high-quality Mobo that would allow me to upgrade in the future and get a budget CPU with a single stick of 8GB of RAM with the idea of adding another one in a few months.

First, I thought of buying a higher-end B450 board but I've found they do not do well during overclocking and they won't support newer Ryzen CPUs without annoying tweaks in the BIOS. The B550 seems quite rare here with only a couple fairly price that I've found. The X470 seems just as rare here so I pretty much have to go with X570. For reference in native currency, high-end B450 is sub 200 bucks, B550 and X470 can be found at 250 with a few going above 300-400 bucks for some reason while MSI X570A Pro is around 300 bucks.

I currently have an old HD7870 that I plan to use for a while and then upgrade to GTX1660. For the CPU, I'm thinking of the cheapest quad-core CPU that would not bottleneck the GTX1660, eventually upgrading to higher-end Ryzen 5 or maybe a lower-end Ryzen 7. Maybe I will do some minor overclocking but nothing crazy. So, I'm not sure whether I really need the X570. I can get the Ryzen 3 3100 for 220 with Wraith cooler and Ryzen 5 1600 AF for the same price with no cooler.

Would the 1600 work on the X570A? Can I go cheaper with the CPU than the above mentioned?