Aug 30, 2002
<A HREF="" target="_new">Uh oh</A>.

"<b>NVidia Having Pixel Shader 2.0 Problems</b>

If you were frustrated when you heard that Direct X 9.0 wasn't working just right, you'll be downright livid if you are a GeForce 5900 owner when you hear that the pixel shader doesn't work correctly either. In order to have a Direct X 9 compliant video card, you need to have a functional "pixel shader 2.0" subsystem. Lacking this feature will render the card incapable of running DX9 games properly. If this turns out to be a general problem that can't be fixed with driver workarounds, NVidia will have trouble selling $400 Direct X 8+ video cards.

I've got to think that this is a sign of the protracted growing pains associated with the ingestion of the somewhat indigestible 3dfx and their Voodoo line of video cards. Ever since the 3dfx engineers were brought onboard, and the hardware became a hybrid design, NVidia has had one problem after another. I expect these problems will be worked out eventually, but will NVidia have a permanently tarnished reputation by that point? It is clear that NVidia has stumbled seriously in the last year, and have a ways to go to get back on their feet."

I concur with the 3dfx debachery. Those guys need to stay in the 90's.


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Jun 8, 2001
I already want to boycott them because they're "cheating" on the benchies. Of course I tell all my friends the same.
Their reputation is already on the way down because I'm sure lots of people like me feel the same way.

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